What i want from a day at the Track !

2 Aug

Having  viewed  races  from  various  vantage  points  on  a  racetrack  ,  from  hanging  over  a  fence  ,  from behind the   starting  boxes of  greyhound  races  to  reserved  seats  in  the  grandstand  and  even  right  on  the  finish  line  at  some  city  racetracks  a  place  where  owners  can’t  even  stand i  have  realised  that  access  to  a  T.V  screen  is  a  must.   Whether  that  screen  is  a  large  center   of  the  track  type  or an   on course  monitor  around  a  bar , try  viewing  a  race  nowadays  without  one .  Even jockeys  use  them  during  the  run  to  the  line   to  judge  how  far  in  front  they  are .  So  long  as  you  can  see  a  T.V  it  doesn’t  matter  where  you  are  situated on  course , you  don’t  even have  to  be  on  course  any more ,  to  see  the  action .   So what  would  be  needed  get  me back  to the  track  as  a regular  well  here  are  some  of  my   thoughts .

I  would  like  free  racecourse  admission    for  a start  , and   if  i  am  to  pay  an  entrance  fee  then  i  think   dollar  4  dollar  betting  vouchers  should be  issued  to  entice me to bet .  With out  betting  turnover there  is  no  racing  but   i  don’t  need to  get  into  that  here .

I  also  think  on  course  dividends  should  be  a  small percentage  higher  than  off course  TAB dividends and  it  should only  take  a  small % cut  in  the  on course  take for  this to happen .

I  don’t  mind  the  idea  of  paying  for  a  reserved   seat  for  optimum  viewing  or  for  dinning  packages  but  i  certainly  don’t  think  that  race club membership  is  good  value  unless  you  intend  to  go  to  all  the  main  carnival  race days  and a few extra race days as well .

I  would  like  to  see  a  more  modern  lounge type  punters  room  or  even  a  pub  like  set  up where  you  can  reserve  your  table  or  cubicle   and  have  a  touch screen  betting  terminal  where  i  can  place  bets  and order  food  and  drinks  and  pay  for  it  all  with  the  swipe  of  an  on course royalties  debit  card.

I  would  also  like  to  be  able  to  purchase  food  at  a  reasonable  price  and  to  pick  from  a  simple  menu  known  for  its  value ,  something  like  which  ,     is  offered  by  the  off course   but  trackside and club  owned   Tabaret  venues.

As  far  as  on  course  entertainment goes  i  personally  don’t  like  the current  punters  club  idea  and  if  it  is   to  be  continued  then  it  could   be  an   inter- active  on  course  T.V  channel ,  with  pictures  of  horses  competing that day , upon  entering  stable  area  and  then   is  up loaded  with  its  current  form  to  on track  betting  booths  and  available  to  smart phones  through  a race course  app.  Lets  capture  the  E  generation .  Lets  also  have  better  wi-fi  coverage  even  if  it  is  limited  to  apps  that  the  betting  companies    or  race club have  available .  Surely  some  sponsorship   could  offset  running  costs .  I’m no  E  genius  but    it  can’t  be  all  too  hard  to  implement.

These  are  just  little  things , simple  things   they  are  not  costed and  i  don’t  know  if  they  are  practicable  but  after  attending  race tracks for   30 years i  also  know  that  they  are  not  unique  as   all  have  been  mentioned   in  conversations   over  that  time   as  ways  of  improving  a  Punters  day  at  the track  ,   year  round  and   not  just  something  for  the  carnival cowboys  and their  once  a  year  ride.


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