Call to Arms

25 Oct

G’day Shane.

I read your latest spring carnival blog and I have to agree that something needs to be done to  engage new participants and just as importantly it must  also re-engage with a lost generation. While reading your post I realised by definition I am a stalker. For all these years I thought I had a relationship with racing, alas racing doesn’t know or want to know I exist. It doesn’t know when I attend and what I spend my cash on or even what it needs to do to continue this relationship. You see I fall outside the targeted demographic of 18-39 age group.

Now classed in the 40-54 demographic our age group still remembers the glory days of racing when being at the track was a must. The crowd was “captured” by the racing and the event.  Not to attend regular Saturday’s meant you were only a casual race goer and not a serious follower of the sport. This same age group has seen racing fall from those lofty heights, a sport now attended by gambling degenerates and drunks, at sparsely attended racecourses, well past their use by date both on-course and off. It has now witnessed this industry become disposable, 7 day a week meetings that roll into each other and have little purpose, aside from a betting medium  . Even if this is not entirely true, guilt by association rules peoples thoughts of this once great sport.

If the racing industry is to capture any demographic as regular race goers, it has to offer a lot more than it currently does. A new experience, more modern ,more streamlined and as you state take some risks , try different things and importantly listen to people and  admit any  failings.

Shane, you are being heard by those that want change. You shouldn’t be the lone voice, we as participants should stand alongside you and demand racing administrators stop this sport sliding into an abyss from which there is no return.

What else can be done for administrators to hear us?

Regards David.


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