I grew up in Vine st.  Moonee Ponds , it was one street away from Moonee Valley and i lived at the 1500m mark , behind the red roofed townhouses of Dean st.  the ones that you can see from the grandstand.  There were stables on that block up until the late 1970’s , although they were a jumping stable i do not know who they belonged to.

No-one from my family was involved with racing aside from having a bet .  While i  was warned Horses  wouldn’t get me anywhere i took no heed of the warnings and Racing has been the largest influence on my working life. Thanks to racing i have lived and trained or worked in Victoria ,  New South Wales ,  Tasmania  and  New Jersey , in the USA .  I might not be financially rich from racing  , but a lifetime experience in racing has certainly enriched my life  , i have lifetime friends , new friends and great times all thanks to the racing industry.

I hope you all enjoy this Blog and remember to follow me  on twitter @offtrackjock

Thanks Heaps Peeps and i’ll see you on the flip side



One Response to “About”

  1. Jon Dight October 14, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

    Hi David I am the new manager of the K&HRRC and I wanted to thank you for your feedback on your Blog. The catering and caterer did get it wrong on Friday and I have taken this issue up with them. They arrived late and didn’t have a “more healthy” range or selection of food on offer. I’m not sure if you were aware though that we did have a public dining room open on the day in the grandstand area that offered a sit down menu and bar facilities. Also all our bars do stock soft drink, water and sandwiches. In regards to the TAB and elms room dining area being shut the volume of people that we get on course just doesn’t justify the expense of opening them.
    Finally in regards to your feedback regarding the on course promotion ideas – all are legitimate and worth pursuing and normally on bigger race days we do promotional things and have entertainment and activities. If you forward me a mailing address I would like to send you an admission ticket for Kyneton Cup Day and you can see what we have on offer on that day. Kind regards Jon

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